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Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. When you are out of town does Miss Megan always accompany you? When out of town do you ever take clients out to eat or for drinks? The reason I'm asking is if a stranger, man or woman, comes on to you- does Mistress Deb require you explain that you are a slave and could not do anything without Her permission?

Debsslave- not always no.  Yes in slaes there is often dinners and/or drinks.  There have been a few times Mistress has required slave to let someone know on the road it is owned

ownedbykhalisi asked:

Question for shel- when you're at a business function (meeting, party, etc) with a lot of people do you feel out of place? Do you feel a sense of being disconnected? Like you don't belong? How do you deal with these emotions?

Debsslave-  Honestly no and it has a lot to do with slave’s owner Mistress Debbie.  She has instructed slave to own these and do what needs to be done for the job.  At the same time it should be respectful and remember its place around other women regardless of their title or position.  This was very tough at first and honestly slave was a real bitch at work especially to other women.  It was the alpha female in the room, always.

Mistress was patient but stern with Her slave.  Mistress would have slave tell Her about the day and especially when it did not follow the rules set down by Mistress.  She would correct and tell slave how it could have handled the situation differently.  There was always and still is a punishment for slave to help it learn.  No it was not always a spanking or whipping or something physical sorry to disappoint those that think that is always what happens to a slave.

 Mistress is much more creative.  A good example is slave had cursed out a colleague who worked in another city over the phone.  Mistress had slave take a bar of soap from a hotel to the office.  When it called this person for the next month it had to first put the bar of soap in its mouth for 1 minute.  Then place the call and that would remind it to be respectful.  It was not allowed to wash it out until after the call was complete.  

The upside is slave has become more effective in its job and finds it easier to get things done by listening, being respectful.  More than once someone has told someone else they had a great conversation with this slave and truly they did 80% or more of the talking.  It now asks questions that are about them instead of talking about itself.  

"Debsslave-  It does go beyond limits and is giving control over something that is very dear to slave".

This just shows how much you love and trust you Mistress and that’s what this is all about (well a big part anyway)- Love your blog- welcome back

Debsslave- Thank you Sir glad to be back.  Mistress Debbie makes it so easy to give Her that control.  

another97202 asked:

Slave, second part to this query. What do you see from others when they learn of your subservience? Some, like Megan want to experience it. How do they show that desire to be a naked slave kissing their owner’s feet while still pretending that they are “normal”?

Debsslave-  It really does depend.  Some are repulsed, some are kinda whatever works for you, most are curious at least some level.  Those that have spoken to the slave and have shown a submissive tendency are not ready to be a naked slave but are more submissive either in the relationship or sexually.  

another97202 asked:

Slave, your Mistress has directed me back to you. Some of us have always known we have these desires, but don’t admit it. Did you always know? Why do you think you feel this way? How did you “flirt” with possible owners? Show your willingness while maintaining deniability if rebuffed? There was the high school friend at the slumber party, Mistress Amy in college and now Mistress Deb; were there others that did not accept? What did you think and how did you feel during that “dance”?

Debsslave-  this slave did not always known and for years suppressed it.  Would say it has already been deep inside because looking back there were times this slave sought conflict with other women and was always more satisfied when it was put in its place not the other way around.  When it has the upper hand always left a guilty empty feeling.

There is not always a dance it happens more natural like a “vanilla” relationship.  If you try to force them and make them happen it rarely turns out right.  Mistress Debbie had very little idea of this slaves desires before the night with Mistress Amy.  Because of the fact we were BFF’s she did know that this slave had been with other women but not the submissive/slave side.  

The slumber party was when slave truly understood it was meant not only serving other women but to be humiliated and used by them.  Wanted so bad that night to get away, stop, leave, or take back some control.  The problem was this slave’s body was on fire.  The entire body was sensitive to the touch.  The next few days is when it truly hit this slave what it craved and needed but also repulsed it.  It used to masturbate to some hunky guy taking it now it was being humiliated, used, degrade by these girls.  

Sorry slave digressed a bit but as far as the dance it tried after the divorce to find a strong woman to at least date and maybe more.  Maybe it was the wrong way or wrong places but it never clicked.  In looking at it again while thinking about this question maybe it is the need to know them first before really submitting.  There is a lot of trust and control that must be given and hard to do that with someone you are just getting to know.  

another97202 asked:

Mistress Deb. How do those who show a desire to submit approach it. Slave was thrown in to the pool. What do they do when they want to dip their toe but are afraid to just admit it? I enjoy watching that flirtation with desire while trying to maintain some deniability.

Deb-  Talk to shel first and ask her why and how it feels.  


Anonymous asked:

Mistress Debs, I would suggest two markings for your property: An ornate D's brand, one inch in size, placed right above its slit, plus a fine (guarter inch maybe) stainless steel chain welded losely around its waist with an engraved stainless steel disc saying Property of Mistress Debs (if your correct name is say Deborah then this should be on the disc). Not gold or silver but utilarian stainless steel, fitting a slave. Sincerely Yours, Grey Master.

Deb-  The chain is a very interesting idea


Anonymous asked:

Greetings Mistress Deb. The branding results I've seen did not meet expectations. Tattoos are as good or bad as the artist and can be made to resemble a brand. You invited suggestions on what the marking should say so I assume you mean words. I suggest " lesbian slave" with slave's registration number underneath. You might consider a tattoo above shel's mons so that whenever it sees itself reflected it will be confronted with this mark of ownership by you.

Deb- thanks and yes that was the suggestion I was looking for

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