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Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. When your owner invites friends such as those you were outed to into Her home, is it for the purpose of "putting you through your paces" so to speak; or is it a comparatively vanilla visit except that there is a naked servant present to serve them refreshments, snacks, etc., otherwise ignored?

Debsslave-  Great question and know a lot of people assume that slave is constantly put through the paces.  Most times it is simply there to serve and be somewhat invisible.  Yes know that is not easy being the only one naked but hope You understand the point.  It is more the rule that slave is closer to a maid.  

dbtngthomas asked:

Private - shelslave, have you ever been required to recite your Slave Registration Number to someone in public? Do you have anything on you with that number, like a bracelet or necklace?

No Sir have not been ordered to recite the number.  Yes have a bracelet with the number.



ursishoribilis asked:

I am curious, shel, as to what your assistant's limits over you are. Is she permitted to discipline you or merely report your failings to Deb. If she can discipline, what methods can she use? I find this to be an interesting dynamic, as I am sure you do.

Debsslave-  It is growing as Mistress sees fit.  We recently traveled on a business trip.  Miss Megan made the reservations and the rooms were one one the 4th floor and one on the first floor.  When checking in she got both sets of keys and slave was told to follow Her to Her room on the fourth floor.  

Once inside the room slave was ordered to strip, then unpack Miss Megan and iron and steam Her clothes.  slave was then given its computer case and its room key and told to go to its room.  It was to leave its luggage and clothes in Her room.  If someone saw it was to apologize and say its girlfriend had dare it to do it.  The final instruction was to open the blinds fully once in the room

Luckily slave did not see anyone on the way to the room and the key worked.  slave opened the blinds and set-up its computer to check emails.  The desk was right by the window so there was no hiding slave was nude from the window.  It was seen by numerous people over the few hours until Miss Megan called and ordered it back to Her room to prepare for dinner.  

This time slave was seen by 3 college age girls.  They were like what and this slave told them what it was told to say.  They said that is so cool and said they have to get a photo of this.  So they took turns with slave in the middle and took photos on their phones.  Turns out they were on a college softball team.  It was very humbling and humiliating but exciting as well.

Sorry long answer to a short question but She has a lot more control.


Anonymous asked:

Hello shel, nice to hear from you. Your blog is one of the most interesting, intelligent, honest and thought provoking I have ever read, I was worried you were letting it become a bit fallow. Please continue narrating your adventures on your way to become the perfect slave. All the best.

Debsslave-  Thank you that is very nice to say.  


Slave it was good to have you back on the blog after quite a long while has your owner been keeping you busy? I have not seen you answer a question with such enthusiasm before was the experience special to you.What was your immediate first inner feeling when you saw the two friends in the restaurant fear or an excitement at the probable public shame to come.It shows what a fantastic inventive owner you have &  I hope you thanked her properly when she got you home.

Debsslave-  Thank you Sir and it was at first fear and that sinking kicked in the gut feeling but also this slave got very wet and flushed,  slave is never ashamed to show it is owned by Mistress more the initial dread of the reaction.  


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. Has your owner had Megan over to Her house to witness the depth and scope of your lowly station in life? If so, what was her reaction and how has it changed your interaction with her at work?

Debsslave-  Yes Mistress has entertained Miss Megan a few times now at Her house.  Miss Megan now understand fully slaves state.  She is now Mistress Debbie’s “helper” and keeps tabs on slave while at work and when traveling.  She does enjoy the new control she has over slave.  


Debsslave in two recent posts you have mentioned you owners use of a ponytail on you.Is this now a permanent hair style or is it only used when the Ass Hook is required? How long is your ponytail now & if worn at work how has this gone down with your colleges.Mistress Debs was talking about a new hair style for you is this it & has there been any other new additions to your slave life since the New Year. 

Debsslave-  It is just past the shoulders and is up to Mistress or Misses when it is worn.  When work to work a few comments on how casual this slave looks.  

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