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constantine79 asked:

Slave, You say you have a love hate relationship with humiliation. It gives you a knot in your stomach, but it makes your pussy wet. I wonder what gave you the biggest knot in your stomach. 1. When you were outed to your former rival.. 2. When you were first presented to your ex husband and his new wife. 3. The first time you were spanked when you knew your sons could hear... 4. When you were outed to your sister. Or 5. The first time one of the twins got to spank you, Or was it another?

Debsslave-  great question that is very hard to answer.  They all were very intense.  The biggest knot honestly was none of the above it was when slave and Mistress Debbie signed the slave contract.  It was elating and crushing all in the same moment.  slave understood life would not be the same again.

Blow jobs quota

You v recently stated that Miss Amy has been in the picture four plus years . Did she know of your assignment to provide oral satisfaction to your ex during visits ?How did she feel about this ?

Debsslave-  Miss Amy did just recently find out and was not happy with slave and Sir Rob at first.  Now if Miss Amy was not present then slave must text Miss Amy and ask for permission to swallow.  


Anonymous asked:

Dear shel, you still have to present a vanilla front to a number of people (work, family). Do you find this increasingly difficult or do you manage it easily?

Debsslave-  Overall no but there are times.  It has changed slaves demeanor as more respectful and forgiving.  The biggest challenge for slave is to be firm when needed with other women.  


Anonymous asked:

Dear Mistress Deb, how do you ensure that whatever you do to shel does not become abuse? Do you have guidelines? friends you talk to? Do you play it by ear and see what happens? So far shel has been quite resilient and has dealt more or less with everything you threw at her. Do you find she is becoming stronger in her slavery or weaker? Sorry, many questions.

Deb- She is coming stronger no doubt.  It is a fine line and have a few mentors.  The general guideline is to do nothing that will leave permanent damage or have significant health issues.  I have found that I gave to push myself to be more stern or strict at times as am always mindful of her health.  She has an amazing pain tolerance.


Anonymous asked:

Congratulations. Every white woman deserves someone to abuse. As a Native American and what many would consider a loose nigger, I should be owned. Nevertheless, I am happy for you and your non nigger slave.

Deb- thanks 


Anonymous asked:

Dear Mistress Deb, regarding time off, it doesn't matter so much what shel wants, you are her Mistress! Burnout is a real thing, and once it is there it is hard to undo. I understand based on what is written here, that shel has had a constant, very high intensity life in the last few years without any real time off. An evening here or there is not going to be enough. Given her personality she will never want to take a break, you'll have to make her take it. Doesn't matter if she gets bored.

Deb-  Thanks for the advice and appreciate it

debbietv asked:

Mistress Deb, amongst the cold comments of ice showers and urine and oatmeal my heart skipped to read how you were proud of shel , how she did well and how you missed her while you were away. A submissive exists to make her Domme proud and shel must be rightfully thrilled to know that she can do that for you. It will only make her strive harder and sets a standard for her to better. Sometimes in these situations we forget the warmth and humanity they contain too, it was a lovely post to read.

Deb-  thanks she does make me very proud 

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