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Anonymous asked:

Hello slave. Do I understand well when I say that you had to pee on your food before eating it ? Tell us more about what happened this day.

Amysslave (Debsslave)- Not exactly the cereal was poured in the same bowl slave had used to pee in and dumped but there was still some still in the bowl.  


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. If Mistress Deb has been holding back in your training "the gloves can come off" so to speak after what transpired in your own bed. That sheet should not be washed and you should be made to sleep on it or at the very least be made to carry it around with you much as a child will with its blanket for a while.

Amysslave (Debsslave)-  Interesting idea on the sheet but alas that would not have been a good slave to leave it that way.  Sheets were changed daily each day they shared the bed.


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. After the night you served Miss Amy and ex, anything else they may have put you through must have been anti climatic. As difficult as that experience was, the fact you submitted as a consensual slave illustrates your growth as a slave. The slave Mistress Deb came home to is not the one she left. I wonder, has she noticed a change in you?

Debsslave-  Thank You for the compliment and would not say anti climatic but not quite the chock value, :-).  Believe Mistress has seen a different slave but sure She can answer that better than Her slave.


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. Some lines once crossed, can not be recrossed. That's the case with regard to the couple you served. All three of you will carry your respective images of that night to your graves. Among the various adventures shared with us, this stands out as the first actual use of you as property for the entertainment and following impersonal dismissal by an owner. Truly treated as chattel. Do you feel rather vulnerable wondering how far down this road you are going to be taken?

Amysslave (Debsslave)- Extremely vulnerable, anxious, nervous but also excited and eager to see what tomorrow will hold.  At first slave was really wondering if Mistress maybe was pushing too far but have so must trust in Mistress was upset for even thinking that.  

Agree that it was Mistress using slave as property but it was not purely entertainment.  Mistress Debbie feels it is important for slave to be constantly under supervision and She was gracious enough to find it a Mistress to serve while she and Misses were away.  Yes it was not one slave would have chosen but that is a point as well.  She made it clear to slave that She alone would chose whom slave would serve.

It is a week slave will not forget for sure.


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. Does Miss Megan take you to and from work? Does Mistress Deb sometimes have Miss Megan administer your 10 morning spanks now?

Debsslave- No Miss Megan does not take slave to and from work and when on the road She does administer the maintenance spankings.  


Anonymous asked:

Hello shel, very interesting story so far, please do continue. Did you go to work during that week?

Amysslave (Debsslave)-  To continue the next day after slaves transfer was Saturday.  slave awoke early on the floor and quietly left the bedroom, closing the door and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.  It was about 6am and as slave was deciding what to make there was a sinking feeling because it realized it did not know Mistress Amy well enough to know what She liked.  

Finally slave decided on making homemade sour cream coffee cake to go with omelets and some fresh fruit.  The coffee cake is easy to heat up once Master and Mistress arise and omelets are quick to make.  The cake was made and baked and the omelet ingredients chopped and prepped by 7am.  

slave now had to pee really bad as it had been about 11 hours since it last peed.  It prepped the table and trays inc case They wanted breakfast in bed and tried to keeps its mind occupied.  About 8:30 slave heard someone go to the bathroom and Them start to stir.  slave was not certain if it should go and see if They wanted breakfast in bed or to await Their arrival and how.  This may seen trivial to some who read this but it causes a great deal of worry for slave.  

It finally decides to get everything out and ready then to meet them kneeling at the bottom of the stairs.  When slave heard to door open it hurried to the bottom of the stairs.  The first down was Master Rob and when He saw slave said, Nice!  When He got to the bottom of the stairs He said, smells like your coffee cake is that what I smell?  Responded Yes Master it is (it was hard to call Him Master) may I get you some Master?  

He said yes and some coffee and walked to the dining room and sat down where the paper was waiting.  Quickly cut some coffee cake and poured some coffee and added cream and sugar and took to Him at the table.  After placing both knelled beside Him and asked if he would like an omelet and fruit.  He said yes so slave hurried to get both.  slave knew his favorite omelet was ham and cheese.  As slave was preparing it asked Master if it should take Mistress some coffee or breakfast.  He smiled and said no She is showering and will be down in a bit.

Once the omelet was done took to Master and knelled again at His feet while he ate.  Once he was done asked if Master needed anything else.  When he said no slave requested permission to clear the dishes and then to pee.  He smirked and said yes to the dishes but no on the bathroom that it would have to ask Mistress.  That gave slave a pause and a shiver.  God it had to pee.

Mistress came down shortly thereafter and was wearing slaves robe and was looking stunning. slave greeted Mistress on its knees at the entry to the kitchen, with, :Good Morning Mistress Amy can slave prepare breakfast for You?”  She said she was very hungry as that was the best sex ever last night.  She sat down and slave asked if She would like some coffee and juice.  She simply replied yes which was a problem for slave as it did not know what She would take in Her coffee.  slave took a bit of a chance but decided it needed to take responsibility for not knowing.  It grabbed a wooden spoon and went and knelled at Mistress feet and said, “Mistress this slave is sorry it does not know how its Mistress takes Her coffee, How may slave prepare it for You”  She said cream and that slave should have paid attention in the past I guess.

slave then handed Mistress the wooden spoon and rotated  and got on all fours with ass to Mistress and said, “Please Mistress Amy can you punish slave for not knowing Mistress?”  Luckily She liked that and proceeded to spank slave hard 12 times.  Then slave was sent to get the coffee and breakfast.  After She was done slave cleared the dished then knelled again and asked Mistress for permission to pee.  

She told slave to stay and went in the kitchen.  She came back with a small cereal bowl and put it under slave and said here will this work?  slave said, Mistress Amy that will not be big enough as slave has to pee really bad”  She then said well I will give you a choice. 1. You can pee in this and fill it as much as you can but after that you must wait 15 minutes to pee some more.   2. you can pee and let it overflow but will be licking up the overflow. 3. you can fill this and then come back and fill it again.  every time you refill will cost you 10 strokes with the spoon and you must completely empty your bladder of you do this.

3 was calling slave as it had to empty its bladder but its ass was already real sore.  It chose number 1.  So it peed as carefully as possible in the bowl but it filled up so quick.  Oh my gosh this may have been to wrong call.  It was so hard to stop.  It went and emptied the bowl and came back and without prompting knelled down and cleaned up the little that spilled on the floor.  

The urge to pee was even greater now and Mistress set the timer.  slave was released to clean up the kitchen while they read the paper.  The timer went off and slave again asked Mistress permission to pee.  It was granted and it did the same thing again,  A little more relief but still so full and a little more spilled.  Mistress asked if slave was hungry and slave was.  Mistress went at got some plain cheerios and put them in the same bowl that had just held slaves piss.  Then milk was added and put on the floor.  Mistress did give slave the wooden spoon to use.  

When the timer went off slave again asked for permission and it was granted.  However slave realized that over half the bowl was full of milk so it would have a lot less space.  It again squatted faced Mistress and peed.  It took over hours and half for slave to fully empty its bladder.  It was such a wonderful feeling when it reached that point almost hard to explain.


Anonymous asked:

Greetings slave. From what you've written it sounds as though Miss Amy was pumped at being given power over you. Did She have a goal to break you? For instance did She have you make Master hard prior to their having sex and orally clean their spending from Her vagina? And did She take you to a level of submission you had not been before? Finally, was She able to break you?

Amysslave (Debsslave)- Not sure if there was a goal to break slave but can say that She was very enthusiastic.  Did She break this slave, yes to another level of submission so most in its everyday home life know of its position.  

The first night when it was time for bed slave was ordered to the its bedroom.  Then told to sit in the chair facing the bed and spread its legs over the arms and play with its pussy.  Mistress and Master proceeded to strip and get on the bed.  slave was ordered to watch and not to stop masturbating but not to cum without permission but to stay close..  slave hates to admit it but it does see what Master Rob sees in Mistress Amy her body is gorgeous with perfect breasts.  

She slowly first stroked His cock then while looking at slave square in the eyes took it in Her mouth.  After a few minutes She straddled Him while still facing slave and slowly slid Him inside.  Mistress than asked slave if was humiliating to watch her fuck its ex husband, the one She stole, and if She was a better Woman.  It was crushing emotionally for slave more than expected as it began to tear up but physically was hotter than ever and could not take its eyes off the show.  Mistress continued in an increasing labored voice to verbally assault slave and its response was always yes Mistress Amy.

Master Rob was about to explode and Mistress was getting close.  She then said would you like to cum slave when your ex cums inside Me.  slave was on fire and said Yes Mistress Amy.  She then said you really are a slave but tough hands behind your head NOW.  slave immediately removed its hands as put them behinds its head just as Master exploded causing Mistress to cum.  

slave was shaking with tear stained cheeks watching Them slowly come down from massive orgasms.  Mistress slowly dismounted and rolled over with legs spread on the bed.  She then said slave come here and clean your ex’s cum out of Me.  slave quickly complied and started with the cum that was on the outside lips.  slave had sucked the ex before after sex and was familiar with the taste of pussy and cum but this was so different in another womans pussy.  It was probably the most humiliating thing this slave has done licking the exs cum from the pussy of the Mistress who had an affair with Him.  

slave sucked all the cum out and brought Mistress to another orgasm and then was instructed to clean up Master.  In no time he was clean and rock hard again.  Mistress threw a pillow on the ground and slapped slaves ass and told it to go sleep on the floor She would take it from there.  They then fucked again while slave laid on the floor

Going to be a long week


Anonymous asked:

Good evening. Does Megan have a boyfriend / girlfriend? Do you think she would be interested in being in your position?

Debsslave-  She does not currently but did have a boyfriend.  It is possible


Anonymous asked:

Slave, the tale of Mistress Amy is a delight, you are lucky to be so trusted to be lent out and for Megan to be utilised to, you are blessed. Tell us more about the week with your ex?

Amysslave (Debsslave)-  After the exchange Mistress Amy took slave to its house and Master Rob was waiting in the living room with a big grin.  Mistress Amy then took slave through its positions, correcting it for not being 100% correct with form.  

After that slave was instructed to get on hands and knees and Mistress inserted the anal hook and attached it to its pony tail.  Then it was ordered to stand and nipples clamps were attached.  It was then sent to get drinks for Mistress and Master.  After serving the drinks it was to make them dinner while they watched a movie and snuggled on the couch.  

The rest of the evening was mainly domestic and serving dinner, drinks etc.  Then it hit slave the next humiliation.  It needed to pee and had to ask Mistress for permission.  It dreaded do this for the first time but it was the only way.  slave went and knelled at their feet and ask Mistress for permission to speak.  It was granted and slave asked Mistress for permission to pee.  

This seemed to surprise Mistress and She did not answer at first.  Then She whispered something to Master Rob and then She ordered slave to go get a big bowl from the kitchen.  slave was a little confused but did as ordered.  Mistress instructed slave to put the bowl in the center of the room which it did still not really understanding.  Then Mistress said you may pee in the bowl.  Wow it was like a punch to the gut it was going to have to pee in front of them both.  

slave also had a choice on to face them or face away from Them.  Since not specifically ordered slave decided it was best to face Them so they could see slave but make it more humiliating.  slave squatted an it took a little effort but began to pee.  They started to laugh and slave wanted to stop but it had no choice but finish.  As hard as it tried a little came up over the sides and dripped on the hardwood.  It has chosen a mixing bowl and not one better suited to pee in.  Well once finished slave was instructed to take to the bathroom and dump out.  

After returning to the living room Mistress was standing and pointing to the piss that had dripped on the floor and she had a wooden spoon in Her hand.  She said slave you need to clean this mess up and Mistress will spank your ass as a reminder to be careful in the future.  slave said Yes Mistress and started toward the kitchen to get a paper towel.  She yelled FREEZE where are you going?  slave responded to get a towel Mistress and She said I did not tell you to get a towel and ordered it over and to kneel.  The She ordered slave to lick it up. 

slave bend over and began to lick it up as Mistress paddled its ass.  It took a few minutes to get it all and slaves ass was on fire with a few welts.  It was going to be a long week.  

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